A Sentiment On Aging

So it’s that time of the day again: the time to write. Just as I was about to sit down and work on my newest short story I realized: heck, I still have that blog I once made. It’s the time of my return (at least for now. I’m frankly kind of busy right now). That […]

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lets try rhyming

Its basicly what my last posts ecxerpt promised

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Yet Another Love Poem

There she is again, The girl from my dreams, Every night at the hour of ten, She comes back to me, it seems. But she’s not a dream, not made up by my mind, She’s real, she’s my friend, but to my feelings, she is blind. She knows quite a lot, She’s rather clever, But […]

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Mediocre Poem

Sometimes I have bad days where people and life in general fuck me up. And so at the end of such a terrible day I sit down and think to myself “Screw them, I’ll show ’em”, and so I turn on my light, and write a gay-ass poem, in the middle of the night. And […]

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